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Graduation Portraits

During the final year of my graduation, I was chosen to design the graduation catalogue and the corresponding photography of the students. We (me and Manuel di Tolve) immediatly decided that the photography should be in black and white, and we wanted to show the students as who they are. As naked as possible, no acting whatsoever.

In the first series we wanted to let the students wait before the camera for a minute or two, so that they would drift away and think about the stuff the were thinking about, the results were portriats in which the students got their minds elsewhere and thus giving it an empty feel.

For the second and final shoot, we got the students to talk about their graduation, how they experienced it and what they were doing. Giving the shoot a view of the people we wanted to see, exactley who they were, no acting, no posing and a feeling of freedom.


841 x 1189 mm
Black and white photography

2011 — In collaboration with Manuel Di Tolve